Carer Study

STRATA Carer Study

If a STRATA participant has a carer, with their permission, we would approach them about taking part in a separate study to explore how the treatment of anxiety for adults with a diagnosis of autism affects them as a carer.

Individuals can still take part in STRATA if they do not have a carer, do not wish for their carer to be involved, or their carer does not wish to take part. A carer can be anyone who knows the person well and helps them with some tasks – they do not need to be a formal carer.

It is up to the participant to define who their carer is. Where possible, it would be someone who knows them well and is likely to continuing providing them with support throughout their involvement with this study.

Carer participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire three times; when the person they care for starts the trial, and then around 16 and 52 weeks later. The questionnaires will ask about care giving responsibilities, health, and any support received, as well as some questions about the person they care for.

  • If you are a carer for a person taking part in the STRATA study, and you have received an invitation to take part, please read the Participant Information Leaflet carefully.
  • If you are a carer for a person with a diagnosis of autism who experiences anxiety, and you think they may be interested in taking part, please show them this page.
  • If you have any questions or would like further information, please email: